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Upgrade Google Docs with Four Great Add-ons

Dan Russ October 24, 2016

Research papers, lab reports, and the infamous five paragraph essay can all be pretty challenging content for students. And they should be, because it’s a great way to learn document formats that will be useful in a big variety of professional and academic settings.

But some aspects of creating great classwork aren’t part of the lesson plan, and those annoyances can really get in the way of students creating their best work. With that in mind, the GoGuardian team scoured the Google Add-ons Store and found five great add-ons to help empower your students to write their best pieces of content.

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Simply Positive: How a Librarian Changes The World

Sue Kowalski Sue Kowalski October 17, 2016

Ever had bad customer service?  Know the feeling of not being heard? Was there ever a time you felt someone took sheer pride on making you feel incompetent or insignificant? I’m guessing that each time these things happened, it managed to take a significant spring out of your step.

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How to Whitelist Google Docs Add-ons

Dan Russ October 13, 2016

If your school utilizes a penalty box OU or has a particularly restrictive whitelist, there’s a chance that your students may not be able to access Add-ons for Google Docs. If this is intentional and you’d prefer students keep the tools in Google Docs vanilla and without add-ons, then that’s awesome!

However, if you want to allow your students to always be able to install new Add-ons for Google Docs — like the super useful Thesaurus or EasyBib Bibliography Creator — then it’s a good idea to whitelist a handful of URLs.

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How to Make Mass-Enrolling Chromebooks Easier

Dan Russ October 06, 2016

Enrolling Chromebooks can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for school IT admins, but there are a few things that you can do to make the process faster and work more smoothly. Although we couldn’t find any tools that can actually unbox Chromeboooks automatically, we did find a few that can automate the enrolling process and make your lives a little bit easier.

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Thank You, Teachers!

Dan Russ October 05, 2016

Today is World Teacher’s Day, and many of us at GoGuardian wouldn't be here without teachers that took the time to care about us. This post is written with love for all of the teachers of the world. If you’re a teacher, please continue what you’re doing, continue to care, and continue to keep making the world a better place. If you’re not, consider taking a moment to thank a teacher who’s had a special impact on you.

Thank you, teachers.

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