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Special Education Day

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons December 02, 2016

Happy Special Education Day!

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How to GAC: Set a Unique Homepage for Each OU

Dan Russ December 01, 2016

Hi admins, and welcome back to How to GAC! Today, we’re going to show you how to set a default home page for each OU in your school.

By default, the Chromebook homepage is set to Google. While we think Google search is awesome, sometimes it’s not the first or even most common thing that students will need on their devices.

If your school uses a learning management system, its login page makes a great homepage! Other options include using your school’s website (especially if it has resources frequently used by students), a school events calendar, or pretty much anything you’d like students to have regular, easy access to.

Before getting started, here’s what you’ll need:
  • The exact URL of the homepage you’d like to set. If you plan on setting a different home page for each OU, you’ll also need a URL for each of those too.
  • Administrator-level access to your school’s Google Admin console.
Ok, let’s do this!
  1. Go to, and log in using your administrator-level credentials.
  2. Click on Device Management.

  3. From the Device Management screen, click on Chrome Management.

  4. Click on User Settings.

  5. From the Organizations list on the left of the screen, select which OU you want to set the home page for. If you want to set the same home page for every Chromebook in your school, you can skip this step.

  6. Scroll down to the Startup section.

  7. Under the Home Button heading, select the “Always show Home button” option. This will make sure it’s easy for students to get to the home page whenever they need to!

  8. Under the Homepage heading, select the “Homepage is always the Homepage URL, set below” option.

  9. In the Homepage URL field, enter the exact URL that you would like to map the home button to.

  10. Finally, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Ok admins, that wraps it up for this edition of How to GAC! Before you go, though — what will you use for student homepage? Let us know in the comments below!
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Free Cyber Monday Giveaway is Here!

GoGuardian November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday at GoGuardian is here! To celebrate, we’re giving one lucky winner their choice of a GoPro Class Set or an Android ZenWatch smart watch!

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How to GAC: Set a Custom Wallpaper for Each OU

Dan Russ November 17, 2016

Hi admins, and welcome back to How to GAC! Today, we’re going to show you how to use Google Admin console to set a custom wallpaper for each organizational unit (OU) at your school. Although there are a lot of great wallpapers that come built right into Chromebooks, they can’t really do much except look pretty. 
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The Balance Between Innovating and Stabilizing

Cody Rice November 10, 2016

At GoGuardian, we’ve been hard at work delivering the best experience we can for the schools that rely on us to keep their students safe, focused, and engaged. Some educators have asked why they haven’t seen many new features in our Admin product, while, at the same time, we’ve been releasing updates and new features in several of our other products. We realized that we haven’t adequately communicated the work and changes that have been going in to the Admin product, because they’ve mostly been on the backend — focusing on scalability and stability — and are not always visible to users. This blog post is going to do two things: explain what we’ve been doing over the past year for our Admin product, and what you can expect in the near future.

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