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Why We Love Customer Support

Cara Cubicciotti September 15, 2015

GG-blog-image-cara1.jpgOur Support Team has recently doubled in size. We are incredibly proud of the work we do—and the customers we work with!


Each week, our team is in contact with nearly 200 administrators, teachers, and students, who come to us with questions about how to use our products, requests for troubleshooting, and ideas for new features. With a median response time of less than two hours for all chats, phone calls, and emails that come in, our goal is to give GoGuardian users the best experience possible, as quickly as possible. To measure how well we’ve achieved that goal, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 99% of customers report that they are satisfied with their support experience.

But why, with our user-friendly products, do we place such importance on the availability and quality of support? We have learned that, without a doubt, having a knowledgeable, accessible, and personable support team benefits not only our users, but our company as well.

Benefits of One-on-One Support

Many customers who ask for support want to know how to use features that GoGuardian already offers. Through our support channel, we are able to teach administrators and teachers how to maximize the benefits of our products. Meanwhile, the more they see what GoGuardian is able to do, the more likely they are to find features that fundamentally change the way they teach and interact with students. Plus, by finding out where the gaps in understanding are for our users, we are better able to create articles, videos, and other how-to materials to bridge those gaps.

The Support Team is also the first line of defense against customer frustration. Because our support is so accessible, administrators and teachers don’t have to sit in limbo when something isn’t working. If something goes wrong, we are available to diagnose problems, to offer advice on best practices, and to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Since users come from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of experience with technology, there is no “one size fits all” approach to support. Providing one-on-one support allows us to bring a top-notch experience to all users.

Learning What Users Want

Sometimes, administrators and teachers contact support when they want to do something GoGuardian does not yet do. Hearing these feature requests directly from customers is a great way to help our products evolve. We get to hear the context around what customers want, and why that feature would be useful. Rather than theorizing how administrators and teachers use GoGuardian, we get to hear how they actually do, which allows us to cater our products even more to their real needs. When these ideas come to the support team, we pass them along to Product Managers for prioritization and implementation, dramatically reducing the time from idea to reality.

Early Identification of Potential Problems

When things aren’t working, customers are often the first people who notice. Our open line to support allows us to find out about and resolve these cases quickly. Our customers know that we are actively working to restore our features as fast as possible. Our engineers, meanwhile, are grateful to the customers who catch these issues, so they can maximize the time they spend finding solutions.

Word of Mouth

We do all we can to take the “trouble” out of “troubleshooting,” and our customers’ satisfaction and recommendation definitely reflects that. This word of mouth is invaluable to us as a company, but also helps make more of our customers aware of support services, so they can experience all the other benefits that our team has to offer.


No matter what prompts users to contact support, the end benefit is the same: improved communication between those who create our products and those who use our products. This communication allows GoGuardian to evolve intelligently, by making sure our priorities continue to align with our schools’ priorities in order to offer the best user experience possible.

The fastest way to get in touch with GoGuardian support is through our live chat feature, found in the bottom right corner of any page on the website. We are available from approximately 6am-6pm PST for live chat, or you can leave a message there after hours and we will return it the next business day. You can also contact support by emailing, or calling 1-888-310-0410 ext. 2.

Topics: Products

Written by Cara Cubicciotti

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