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Teachers rock! Thank you for all you do.

Tommy Pesavento May 08, 2017



Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Seriously, teachers are awesome. From teaching us reading, 'riting, and 'rithmatic (the three "R"s, hehe), to helping us figure out what to do with our lives (speaking from experience here), there's hardly anyone who hasn't been positively impa

cted by one of their teachers growing up.

To celebrate you and all that you do, we want to help equip you with the tools you need to make learning fun and awesome for your students. That's why we're giving away three $100 Amazon Gift Cards that you can use for classroom gear, decorations, technology, games, art supplies, whatever! It's yours to do whatever you want with. So maybe that special project or new gadget you've been wanting to test out is easier to get than ever. Our small way of saying "thanks" for being a teacher.

But first, a quick thank-you story of my own.

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Reynolds (whom I was lucky enough to have again in fifth grade), was instrumental in nurturing my love of reading and learning that has carried me throughout my life, both personally and professionally. She understood that, more important than having us memorize things, her biggest challenge was instilling a love of reading and learning. She accomplished this by setting aside a "free reading" period right after lunch recess. We could read anything we wanted for 30 minutes (bliss!) after we came in—whether it was Encyclopedia Brown, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Hobbit...anything! It was wonderful, and the only time I remember having that kind of freedom in school. 

Her perspective was that if you have time to read what you want, then you look at reading as fun, and you develop a love of reading along with the mental and physical skill (yes it's a skill, especially today) of sitting down for an extended period of time, staying focused on what you're doing, and getting "lost" in the words on the page. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity she provided to us as young third-graders (and again in fifth grade—lucky me!) to develop this love. Now, as someone who reads and writes for a living, I can look back on those early days as the building blocks of what I decided I wanted to focus my life and career directions towards.

I'm sure everyone has a "Mrs. Reynolds story" of their own; we'd love it if you'd share yours in the comment section below!

And now, on to the contest!

To win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards you can use for school supplies (or whatever ;), simply do the following:

  1. Follow us on Twitter (if you haven't already)
  2. RT our 'Teacher Appreciation Week' tweet (the one with Wally the Raccoon)
  3. Subscribe to our blog in the right-hand column
  4. Watch the demo video for our GoGuardian Teacher™ classroom manager

The contest runs from today through Friday, May 12, 2017, and we'll announce the winners on Monday, May 15, 2017 via Twitter, open to all U.S. and Canada residents age 18 and over.

At GoGuardian, we're busting at the seams with gratitude for the things that teachers do, and are glad to be able to provide this small token of appreciation.

Good luck and keep up the great work! We need you now more than ever. :)



Topics: Learning

Written by Tommy Pesavento

Brand Director at GoGuardian

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