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How to Setup Your OU Structure

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 23, 2016

One of the first steps you will when getting started with Google Apps for Education is to design your Organizational Unit (OU) structure. This is an extremely important step, and influences all of your management techniques and updates. It is extremely important to careful design a structure that works for your District or School, and is able to be scaled easily.

Important to note, when creating your structure:

  1. Having separate OUs for users and devices can prove very important if you are planning on pushing apps or extensions that need only the Users and not the Devices, and vice versa.
  2. If you are operating at a District Level, you may use each of your different domains to build underneath, provided you have set up different domains for each school.
  3. Separating your Students into Graduating Classes helps to be able to determine exactly which set of students they are, rather than labeling them “Freshman, Juniors, 1st grade,” et cetera and then in the future having to relabel everyone after they’ve graduated to the next grade.
  4. Separating your Students into Graduating Classes is also very important in being able to apply grade-level specific profiles, should your filtering tool allow multiple profiles.

For Example: how_ou_end_ex.png

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Written by Alex Wagner

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