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To Block or Not to Block: The State of Chromebook Filtering in Schools

Marielle Gilbert February 27, 2018


They say good things come in threes: the “rule of three” is invoked across mediums, from folk tales to blockbuster trilogies. The principle of omne trium perfectum, that suggests information presented in a triad is inherently more perfect or effective, still holds water today. At GoGuardian, we approached our three-part Benchmark Report with this in mind.

In Parts I and II of GoGuardian's 2018 Benchmark Report, we learned what websites students are engaging with most, and how students are using their devices at home compared to at school. In Part III of the Benchmark Report, we examined the aggregate device usage of 5 million students and took take a deep dive into trends in school filtering.

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The Top 5 Findings from the 2018 Benchmark Report

Marielle Gilbert February 15, 2018

Benchmark Twitter graphhic.jpg


At GoGuardian, we were curious. We were curious about trends in Chromebook usage among K-12 students nationwide and about how students were using school devices to learn. We wanted to get an inside look into how students were using their Chromebooks, and discover organic trends in student engagement.

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GoGuardian has been nominated for a BAMMIE!

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner November 17, 2017

We're so excited!

MVP Club is now nominated for an award from the company the platform is built on. We are up for Advocate Marketing Program of the Year. That's HUGE! It's such an amazing opportunity for us. Speaking of is our competition: Staples, Docusign, Pearson, and others. We're going up against some giants and we're going to need your help to win! 

I know you're now asking, "Wow! Amazing! How can I help!?" I'm so glad you asked! You can vote daily, using the specific links below for each day. Please, don't forget to come back each day and vote! 

Friday 11/17:

Saturday 11/18:

Sunday 11/19:

Monday 11/20:

Tuesday 11/21:
Wednesday 11/22:
Turkey Day 11/23:

Friday 11/24:

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This Thanksgiving, Students Become the Teachers

Marielle Gilbert November 17, 2017



“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see."
— Dr. Robert Holden

For Thanksgiving this year, we want to hear all about your gratitude. Specifically your gratitude for your students. We flipped the script and asked teachers to tell us about a time when a student taught them something about technology.

We hope these stories will inspire you to think creatively about utilizing technology in new ways in the classroom. We also hope these stories inspire gratitude - the key to creating a positive culture and growth mindset in and outside the walls of the classroom.

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GoGuardian Status Update: New Single Student Report in Admin 2.0

Marielle Gilbert November 16, 2017

Status updates can be fun, strange or even cause vacation envy. Here’s a status update that, like a GIF of kittens playing on Twitter, will put a smile on your face. Ready for it? We’ve overhauled the Single Student Report in Admin 2.0.

Image for blog Single student.png

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