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Top 10 Books to Read With Your Students This Year

Todd Nesloney Todd Nesloney September 25, 2019


Books are a powerful tool. They can allow us the opportunity to escape, to find ourselves on the page, or to learn about others. I truly believe that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like to read; instead, I believe that it’s just someone who hasn’t found the book that moves their heart. As a teacher, principal, and now director, I’ve seen the power of books not only in my own life, but also in the lives of the students and adults I’ve worked with. There are many wonderful books out there to introduce to your students this year, but where do you even begin? Right here, of course! Here are 10 books I would highly recommend to read with your students, no matter the subject you teach!

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What Football Can Teach Us About Time Management in the Classroom

GoGuardian Team GoGuardian Team September 23, 2019

The start of the school year always coincides with the start of football season. School and football may not seem like they have much in common at first, but you’d be surprised at how many skills they share—from discipline to learning game plans to addressing mistakes and then fixing those mistakes. Among the many similarities between the two, there is one shared skill that’s crucial for both football players and young students to develop and master: time management. 

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Creating a Zen Classroom to Improve Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Monica Boyer Monica Boyer September 19, 2019

We all know that stress and trauma play a huge role in a student’s academic success. Kids that experience chronic stress and/or trauma often perform poorly. This poor performance impacts their academics, behavioral, and social/emotional skills. Even further, we know that past trauma severely impacts a child’s ability to grow and develop. This article from Edutopia is just one of many articles that identify how dangerous stress, especially chronic stress, is for a student. Within the same article, the growth mindset is mentioned as a tool to help alleviate those negative effects of stress. 

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Where's Wally? GoGuardian Fall and Winter Event Lineup

Nicole Concepcion September 12, 2019

Hello, September! While we enjoyed basking in the sun during the summer break, we are more than ready for the pumpkin spice and putting on the winter layers! Not only are teachers and students back to school, but our team is “back on the road” around the country, visiting various Education Technology conferences! 

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The Timeliness of 13 Reasons Why with Suicide Prevention Month

GoGuardian Team GoGuardian Team September 10, 2019

***May contain mild thematic spoilers about the television show 13 Reasons Why***

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