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Admin 2.0's Redesigned UI: Your New Mission Control

Cody Rice May 22, 2017

Over the past three weeks, we have explored Smart Alerts , Policies, and Theft Recovery: just a few of the greatest features and changes you will be seeing in Admin 2.0 this June. These features were informed by the feedback and insights you shared with us about “Admin 1.0”. What worked for you, what didn’t work for you...we gathered all of that information and used it as the very foundation of the new Admin 2.0 experience.

In a sense, Admin 2.0 was created as much by you - our 2500+ customers - as it was created by our team at GoGuardian.

All we did was listen and build.

The same is true for this week’s new feature focus: Admin 2.0’s Redesigned UI. Your feedback was instrumental in the creation of a completely revamped UI that offers intuitive navigation and a holistic view of student activity. Check out our video below, which takes a deeper look at the new and improved user interface: 

The Need

When you come to the GoGuardian Dashboard, you are often looking for a specific piece of information. For example, you are looking to confirm that a student was off-task at 2PM, how a website is being used at your district, or how a specific video or app is trending in popularity. We wanted to make this process easy on you: we didn't want you to have to spend a lot of time searching for "a needle in a haystack" or having to click through too many steps. We decided to boost our search capabilities so you have the information you need right at your fingertips... 

The Solution: Global Search

In response to your requests for a better search functionality, we created Global Search. We wanted to make it as easy for you to search and find the information you need in Admin 2.0 as it is to “google” a topic in your browser. Before Admin 2.0, you couldn’t even search for specific student.

In the redesigned UI, not only can you search for a specific student, but you can search by:

  • Student
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  • OU or sub-OU
  • Custom time ranges
  • Website(s)
  • App
  • Doc
  • Video

You name it, you can search it….and draw a clear line from that specific data point back to the student.

Our goal with the new Global Search functionality was for you to be able to come to Admin 2.0 with any question and to be able to find the answer to that question as quickly as possible. We understand that in instances of student safety … time is of the essence. Admin 2.0’s redesigned UI fully equips you with all the information you need as an administrator to get the appropriate stakeholders involved to protect the student sooner, rather than later.


A Holistic View of Student Online Behavior

Once you locate the student with Global Search, Admin 2.0’s new UI allows you to see everything that pertains to the student in one place. The original Admin product didn’t have a place that housed all the history related to a specific student. Admin 2.0 provides all the information related to each student (devices, serial numbers, websites, etc) in one unified view. Admin 2.0 puts the focus where it belongs: on the student.

enhanced view thumbnail 2.jpg

Bringing You the Information You Need, When You Need It

A lot of data is great….but it’s not great if you cannot easily obtain that information and give it to the right people.The new UI was redesigned to make the information you need readily available so you can act faster and, in cases of alarming behavior, get the information to the right people immediately.

With Admin 2.0, you don’t have to play the detective and piece together data. Not only does this add to your also delays your ability to respond to students and crises. Having information readily-available becomes invaluable in cases of potential self-harm or suicide, where immediacy and accuracy are of utmost importance.

In addition, all district-level products are now available through the same UI, which means: no more switching between products if you have Admin, Fleet, and/or Director. This feature is just another way that Admin 2.0 mitigates your workload and saves you time. Our end goal is to make you as effective and efficient as possible, so that your students are as safe and protected as possible.

Admin 2.0: A GPS for Online Activity

Do you remember the days before GPS? You still were able to navigate and find your way to an unknown location, but it meant pulling out out a map (gasp! an artifact to your students) and writing down the directions to ensure you reached your destination.

Before GPS entered the picture, it’s not that you didn’t make it to your destination. It’s just that the navigating took a lot longer than the seconds it now takes to type in an address on your mobile.  Admin 2.0’s new interface is a lot like your GPS. It offers intuitive navigation and makes you more efficient.  It’s as simple as typing in the information you have, whether an Asset ID or the name of the YouTube video and... BOOM, you’ve received all the information you need to find your way.

And, much like GPS, Admin 2.0 will bring you and your students to where you need to be.

Topics: Products

Written by Cody Rice

GoGuardian Admin Product Manager

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