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GoGuardian Status Update: New Single Student Report in Admin 2.0

Marielle Gilbert Marielle Gilbert November 16, 2017

Status updates can be fun, strange or even cause vacation envy. Here’s a status update that, like a GIF of kittens playing on Twitter, will put a smile on your face. Ready for it? We’ve overhauled the Single Student Report in Admin 2.0.

Image for blog Single student.png

The upgraded Single Student Report has a brand new layout and framework. Better yet, it allows you to view ALL student activity, sort by activity type, view last student IP address, and copy browsed URLs directly to your clipboard with one click. This means far less scrolling, and less loading time.

It’s basically built to get you all the information you want most, faster. Want to access this upgrade? Check it out HERE

While you are upgrading, share your own "status upgrade" with us. Post your own update - about what is going on in your school, classroom, or just your day - to our twitter account @GoGuardian. Feel free to tag friends, share photos or let us know how you’re feeling. We at GoGuardian are feeling EXCITED to be sharing this new and improved feature with you.

Almost as excited as this baby panda riding a golden pony. Well...almost. With the new Single Student Report, GoGuardian and our users have much to smile *emoji* about.

panda. on a yellow pony.jpg

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Written by Marielle Gilbert

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