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New GoGuardian Features Coming Your Way (That Are Literally Made Just For You)

Marielle Gilbert Marielle Gilbert September 25, 2018

GoGuardian Admin Simulator

 GoGuardian’s got a fresh fall look: inspired by you!

At GoGuardian, we always build and adapt our products with our users in mind. As a customer-obsessed company, we’re continually assessing our users’ greatest frustrations, and looking to alleviate them. That’s why, in the past year, when you shared your feedback: we listened. We did some deep thinking about the challenges you encounter every day in your districts and produced creative solutions to meet your exact needs — from individual student reports for teachers, to the ability to test your filtering configuration, to proxy filtering support.

Today we want to share a few of the product updates that we’re most proud of. These enhancements were selected based on your feedback and designed with your workflows in mind. You’ll also catch a sneak peek at new features coming this fall to make student safety and classroom management easier and more efficient than ever.

1. GoGuardian Teacher: Now with Individual Student Reporting and Enhanced Sorting

In the past, teachers received session summaries from GoGuardian Teacher and group reports only after a session ended. Not being able to access these reports for individual students, or view them on-demand, were a couple of our teachers' pain points. So, we got to work, and utilized GoGuardian Admin’s robust individual student reporting and ported the feature into GoGuardian Teacher — while making sure we provided the metrics that are most useful to our teachers. Our new individual student reporting feature makes student reporting better than ever, making tracking student progress more manageable, which has far-reaching implications for enhancing differentiated instruction in the classroom. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

We also upped our sorting options to help with classroom management. As a teacher, we know you have to toggle between classes, and tasks quickly. Our teachers usually have more than a few pages of classrooms showing up on their dashboard, and it takes a lot of time to find the upcoming class by scrolling and browsing all their classrooms. We all know that lack of time is the most significant frustration for our teachers, and we've heard our customers' voice requesting this feature for a long time. So, we made it happen! 

There's now a "Sort by" feature on the Classroom Dashboard page that allows a user to sort classrooms alphabetically, by time of day, or last modified (this will sort classrooms by most recent edits to classroom info, settings, or to the student roster). By allowing teachers to sort their classrooms, GoGuardian Teacher enables you to find what you’re looking for, faster.


2. GoGuardian Admin: Easier Filtering with the New Filtering Simulator

We know that the question, “Why is this site blocked?" is one of your top reasons for support contact. Wouldn’t it be great to immediately see why?

Until now, admins had to manually search through all of their district’s policies to uncover why a website was being blocked. In large districts, this was a headache, because IT admins had to cross-reference many overlapping blocking policies. 

GoGuardian Admin Simulator (BETA) is a highly requested feature which changes all of that. Now admins can quickly test and troubleshoot their filtering configuration without having to dive into each individual filtering policy to figure out why a page block is happening: they can simply enter the URL and the simulator will tell them which policy is blocking the website. From there, they can click a link to go directly to the policy and edit it. Along with assisting our admins directly, this tool will also enhance customer support as well.


3. GoGuardian Admin: Filter Proxies with a Single Click

In 2018, our award-winning team of engineers and data scientists built the next-generation of filtering, known as Smart Filtering, which works in situations where URL and keyword filters are often not effective. Smart Filtering is an additional layer of filtering that will help you manage web content that hasn’t been added to a whitelist or blacklist. In addition, it works across common dynamic sites such as social or Google Docs.

GoGuardian Admin: Proxy Filtering
Our newest advancement on this front? Proxy Filtering. Proxies have been added as our first category of Smart Filtering based upon feedback about the difficulty of blocking proxies. Our BETA provides continuous scanning in near real-time and works by continuously parsing the DOM of the page to look for common proxy patterns. The result? Proxies are blocked with a high level of accuracy with a single click.

4. Introducing GoGuardian Beacon


GoGuardian Beacon screenshot

This fall, we’re extremely proud to be introducing a suicide prevention tool, GoGuardian Beacon, designed to help you proactively identify your at-risk students so that you can quickly get them the assistance they need. Beacon was designed just for schools and was developed in collaboration with renowned suicide prevention and mental health experts, including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Looking to tomorrow, we hope that we can help you identify at-risk students and aid those who may be silently suffering.

Ultimately, we know innovation is a collaborative journey. Continue to let us know what you like, what you need, and what’s not working — because we’re here to make products just for you. By working together, we can bring better technology to our students, and make an impact on their learning and lives— one classroom at a time.


Learn more about GoGuardian's new suicide prevention tool designed for schools: Beacon. 


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Written by Marielle Gilbert

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