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Scala Resources in Los Angeles

Michael Short Jan 21, 2016 2:59:21 PM



Scala is a type-safe JVM that incorporates both object oriented and functional programming into a concise, logical, and extraordinarily powerful language. While Scala is considered to have a steep learning curve when compared to other languages, some of the more complex features of the language (i.e. Tuples, Functions, Macros) in the long run make it easier for the developer to write more efficient code that increases overall performance. To learn more check out the links below. 

Learning Scala

More long-term vision for learning Scala

Go to Los Angeles Scala Meetups

If you’re looking to learn more about Scala and want to chat with some like minded engineers then check out the Scala Community page to join mailing lists, chat rooms, and find a meetup near you.

Get a Los Angeles Scala Job

If you want to get paid to constantly be working in Scala then take a look at GoGuardian -- an LA based education startup. GoGuardian’s entire application is built in React and Redux on the frontend with Scala, Node.js and Golang on the backend. Check out our Careers Page to find out more!


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