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Node.js Resources in Los Angeles

Michael Short Jan 21, 2016 2:24:22 PM



Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl with the intention of giving websites the power of realtime push capabilities. Node.js is used to build and run web applications, similar to what ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails or Spring Framework uses. Node.js is run on the v8 engine built by Google. This engine gives it the capability to acess low-level processes in the OS while providing an abstraction that shields users from low-level languages and libraries. 

One of the great benefits of using Node.js is that it uses JS across both the server and client side allowing developers to use one language across many platforms. To learn more about the benefits of Node.js check out the links below.


Learning Node.js

  • Check out Egghead for lessons covering all things Node.js

More long-term vision for learning Node.js

  • - Get an in depth understanding of all things Node.js, for the novice or the aspiring pro.

Go to Los Angeles Node.js Meetups

If you’re looking to learn more about Node.js and want to meet up with some like minded engineers then check out the monthly meetup groups below.

  • JSLA Meetup Group - The JSLA Meetup group is the oldest JS and Node.js group in Los Angeles. If you’re looking to sit down and talk/learn with other like minded engineers, there’s no better group to join than the JSLA Meetup.
  • SoCal NodeJS Meetup Group - The SoCal NodeJS group hosts meetups monthly all over Southern California and meetups focus on a different aspects of Node.js and often feature speakers who discuss their hands on experience with the language in depth.
  • NodeSchool Los Angeles -  If you’re brand new to Node.js or Javascript even, then check out NodeSchool. This is a meetup that everyone can enjoy and continue learning after the meetup through self guided lessons and challenges on their open source NodeShool website. Best of all, it’s free! If you are experienced with Node.js and want to give back, you can also sign up as a mentor at the NodeSchool meetups.


Get a Los Angeles NodeJS Job

If you want to get paid to constantly be working in Node.js then take a look at GoGuardian -- an LA based education startup. GoGuardian’s entire application is built in React and Redux on the frontend with Scala, Node.js and Golang on the backend. Check out our Careers Page to find out more!


Written by Michael Short

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