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How GoGuardian stores and queries high throughput data with MemSQL

JK Kim JK Kim Feb 4, 2019 11:47:39 AM


GoGuardian is an Education Technology company that specializes in moderating student web activities by using machine learning to facilitate a better learning environment. We combine dynamic data inputs to calibrate student engagement and help educators draw conclusions about their class sessions. This means that there are a large number of events happening from more than 5 million students every single day. As one can imagine, handling all of these events is quite a challenge.

This article will detail how we solved our data storage issues and querying challenges with our friends at MemSQL.

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An odyssey to find a sustainable icon system with SVGs in React

James Hycner James Hycner Jul 1, 2016 8:11:46 AM


At GoGuardian we recently started revising our internal UI library. Part of this process was auditing each React component, and during this process I realized that this would be a good time to switch from using an icon font to SVGs.

One of my requirements was that when Design wanted to change which icons were used, that it would have the least possible interaction from me. Ideally I wanted to allow designers to send pull requests that add / remove individual SVGs from a folder, and have the only other step be to publish a new version to our private npm.

I searched online for a bit but didn’t see any examples of anyone using quite the setup I desired, so here’s to getting another approach out there!

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Redirects in AWS CloudFront

Brett Hayes Brett Hayes Apr 5, 2016 9:30:37 AM


If you’ve ever set up redirect rules in S3, you’ll find that it’s a fairly straightforward process. You set up a new bucket, enable website hosting and create some redirect rules. But if you tie in S3 with CloudFront, you’ll soon find out that all the redirect rules you just made won’t work. Not out of the box anyway.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through setting up a redirect rule in S3 and have it work with CloudFront. If you’ve never set up redirect rules in S3, not to worry. This article is for you!

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Building Chrome Extensions in React+Redux

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix Mar 16, 2016 7:38:22 PM

GoGuardian for Teachers Product Manager Tyler Shaddix demonstrates how to use React and Redux to build Google Chrome extensions, and why developers would want to.
Source for react-chrome-redux is available on GitHub.
A full transcription of his presentation at SoCal React JS is below the video.

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Ungit: The Easiest Way to Use Git

JK Kim JK Kim Mar 8, 2016 7:40:28 AM


Ungit: The Easiest Way to Use Git

I love Git and think it’s one of the best tools that developers use on an everyday basis. Git is a fundamental development tool that powers many companies, including the company I work for, GoGuardian. Git is a version control system that has powerful features and is elegantly distributed, yet beautifully fault tolerant at the same time. However, it’s not perfect.

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