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Announcing the All New Admin 2.0

Cody Rice April 23, 2017


We started GoGuardian to help solve some of the most exciting problems in 21st-century education. That greater purpose is the driving force behind everything we do. Now more than ever, we are committed to creating better tools that support the diverse needs of schools and students.

That’s why I am delighted to announce the launch of Admin 2.0, coming this June! Check out the above video intro to Admin 2.0’s new and improved features, all designed to support your school’s specific needs.

Here’s what has changed:

  1. Smart Alerts is replacing Flagged Activity

    All current GoGuardian Admin customers will have Beta access to the new Smart Alerts feature, powered by machine learning.

    Smart Alerts...

      • Triggers personalized messages to students when they are off-track or accessing inappropriate content
      • Scans web pages to make informed decisions in real-time about whether to let the student browse a page or not
      • Notifies the designated educator immediately when trouble arises
      • Provides highly-customizable flagged activity monitoring

  2.  “New and improved” Filtering: 
    Admin 2.0 provides more granular and detailed web filtering.

    Admin 2.0 filtering...

      • Is easily customizable with on and off-campus settings
      • Offers personalized settings for individual students

  3. Completely revamped Theft Recovery:
    Admin 2.0 prompts immediate notifications whenever a lost or stolen Chromebook comes online, providing all the information needed to track the device and take immediate action.

    Admin 2.0’s improved Theft Recovery enables you to...

      • Quickly see serial numbers, recent users and more
      • Report devices as missing without needing to go to the Google Admin Console

We’ve received incredible feedback from current Admin 2.0 users about how these new features will enable more personalized instruction, while offering superior web safety for students.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates on the new and improved features of Admin 2.0, with a deep dive into a different new feature leading up to our launch in June. We are excited to share Admin 2.0 with current users...and can’t wait to make it public!


Want a closer look at the GoGuardian Admin product? Get started with a free trial HERE. 



Topics: Products

Written by Cody Rice

GoGuardian Admin Product Manager

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