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Make a Scene with Scenes!

Dan Russ March 23, 2017

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Teachers have been asking us for even greater control and insight in their classrooms. Whether students are using their Chromebooks during a test, working on a specific lesson, or completing daily assignments, teachers have told us that they need an even greater ability to guide content and sharpen focus for their students. We used this feedback to develop Scenes in GoGuardian Teacher, allowing teachers to create a test-like focus environment by allowing students to access only the content they’ve chosen, or a lesson plan that allows free browsing across a narrow list of teacher-approved websites. Whether it’s exam time or a lesson plan with set content, Scenes give teachers the tools they need to provide daily ground rules for how students use the Internet to learn. 

How It Works

Teachers can be confident that students aren’t using their Chromebooks for anything other than their tests or assignments by setting a Scene with Block Mode, which disallows all content except for the sites specified by the teacher. Admins can be confident that students won’t be able to access filtered content.
Done with the pop quiz? Teachers can switch from a restrictive testing Scene to an open homework Scene with just two clicks.
Students are also free to roam the web in Allow Mode, which is great for discovering new research sources and interesting, classroom-relevant content. Even when set to Allow Mode, the GoGuardian Admin filter is still active -- so students still won’t be able to access restricted content.

Lesson Plans on the Fly

Teachers can set specific content for a Scene, showing students only the articles and videos chosen for a classroom session. Scenes can even be set to automatically open a set of tabs on every connected student’s Chromebook, letting teachers deliver relevant content to their students faster than ever.
Teachers can also create customizable, classroom-specific blacklists, for an unparalleled ability to keep students on task.

Default Scenes

Come up with a really great Scene? Set it as a default! Any Scene created by a teacher can be set as a default and applied across multiple classrooms, with all of its settings in effect as soon as class begins.

Want to see how it works? Head to your GoGuardian Teacher dashboard, or watch this video to get started!

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Written by Dan Russ

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