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How (and Why!) to Use Google Slides Q&A in Your Classroom

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 06, 2016


Google recently debuted a new feature for their Slides app: Slides Q&A. The feature, which rolled out worldwide on May 4th, allows for more interactive presentations, as well as real-time feedback. By simply submitting and voting on questions from any device, audience members are now more engaged and directly involved in the presentation.

How to Get Started with Slides: Q&A

  1. From within your presentation, click the drop down arrow next to “Present”
  2. Select “Presenter View”
  3. Double check that you are under the “Audience Tools” tab (the default tab) and press “Start New”
  4. That’s it! It has automatically generated a link at the top of your live presentation, which can be visited by any device. As questions are asked, they will be sent real-time to the information box that populated. Audience members will be free to vote on questions asked at the link generated, as well.

Why This is Important 

  1. Students need to be engaged to be able to learn. By getting them participating actively in classroom discussions they are more likely to pay attention and absorb the material being taught!
  2. Students are able to ask important questions as they arise, rather than having to wait until the end of the lesson, and possibly be forgotten.
  3. Some students may be shy or feel hesitant to ask questions in front of their classmates. This feature allows them to ask any question they may have, without feeling embarrassed.
  4. Teachers are able to see where their lessons may need more clarification, judging by the questions asked. They are also able to see what topics are more thought-provoking, or interesting to their class.
  5. Students are able to get the very most out of the presentation, by not only asking questions which are important to them, but by seeing other questions that are asked. This can spark great discussions!
  6. Students are able to participate directly in their learning, rather than sitting back and passively digesting the information.
  7. Students are able to voice their opinions on what is most important to them, by voting on which questions they’d like to see answered the most.

 It is easy to see the endless opportunities that Slides: Q&A can bring to education! What are some of the ways you are planning to use it in your classroom?

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Written by Alex Wagner

Alex is the Social Media Manager at GoGuardian, mother of 2 and Texan with an unhealthy obsession with the New Orleans Saints.

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