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Goodbye Flagged Activity. Hello Smart Alerts.

Cody Rice April 30, 2017

Smart Alerts virtually eliminates false positives with intelligent, AI-based monitoring. 

Last week we introduced you to GoGuardian Admin 2.0, launching this June. With Admin 2.0, we took our first iteration of the Admin product and improved every feature to offer a better understanding of student online behavior and make students safer. The final product is a direct reflection of the insights and feedback given to us by you, our 2500+ customers, our 200+ alpha users, and 15 alpha organizations.

Introducing Smart Alerts

This week we’re going to take a deep dive into perhaps the most game-changing aspect of Admin 2.0 - the new “Smart Alerts” feature. Smart Alerts has been designed to:

  • Make you more effective
  • Make your work load less demanding
  • Ensure the greater well-being of your students.

Check out this video for a closer look at Smart Alerts’ new and improved features!

Smart Alerts uses advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor your students’ behavior for inappropriate content. Smart Alerts scans web pages in real time and makes a decision dynamically whether to let the student browse that page or not based on filtering you set up in advance.

So what does this mean for you? With Smart Alerts, your workload is vastly reduced because you will receive fewer, but much more accurate, notifications. Gone are the days that you will receive hundreds of notifications and “false positive” results. With Smart Alerts, we will only notify you when it counts.

SmartAlerts Picture.png


Smart Alerts: Flagged Activity Reimagined and Remade

We heard you when you told us Flagged Activity was overwhelming you with unnecessary notifications. So when we set out to reimagine Flagged Activity, our goal was to provide you with a deeper understanding of student behavior in a way that reduces your workload. And that was what we achieved with Smart Alerts.

The value proposition of Smart Alerts can be boiled down to three overarching features:

  1. A Better Understanding of Student Behavior:

When you truly understand the content of a page, you can truly understand student behavior. Instead of doing simple word matching, Smart Alerts accurately categorizes the content of the page... and, by proxy, categorizes a student’s behavior. When you can accurately categorize student behavior, you can then automatically take action based on that behavior.

Context is important as we know. It can mean the difference between a student googling a chicken “breast” recipe and a student searching for pornographic photos. Smart Alerts makes that important differentiation, and will not alert you unless it’s important, which leads us to our next point, Smart Alerts...

  1. Drastically Reduces False Positives:

Smart Alerts drastically reduces the amount of “false positive” alerts you receive, which means minimal interference for you and for students. Compared to traditional flagging algorithms that use keywords, Smart Alerts reduces the number of “false positives” alerts you will receive by 100x.  

Smart Alerts will only report behavior and send you email notifications when the behavior is reasonably alarming.  In other words...we don’t want to bother you unless it’s important.

With the incredible accuracy of Smart Alerts, you’ll know that if you do receive an alert, it’s probably something important that requires attention — or at least delegation.

This becomes especially valuable in cases of potential self-harm or suicide, where immediacy and accuracy are of utmost importance.  

  1. Automatic Triggered Responses

Smart Alerts accurately categorizes student behavior for you - meaning less work for you :) -  and then enables you to assign someone to take appropriate action based on that behavior. With Flagged Activity, your workflow management had to take place over email.

Now you can manage your entire response workflow within the Smart Alerts dashboard. You can setup automatic triggered responses to flagged activity. This means you can better manage workflow by triggering responses such as :

  • Having the system automatically block a page
  • Notifying the student with a personalized message
  • Sending the report to an administrator or teacher that needs to be made aware of the activity

And this is only just the beginning. Smart Alerts will continue to get smarter as more and more schools use the machine learning algorithm. Smart Alerts keeps the internet as open as possible, but as safe as needed, and ensures that every student has the protection they need.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates on the new and improved features of Admin 2.0, with a deep dive into a different new feature leading up to our launch in June. The Flagged Activity feature will still be made available to you, while we continue to add more nuanced categories to Smart Alerts Beta. We are excited to share Admin 2.0 with current users...and can’t wait to make it public!

Topics: Products

Written by Cody Rice

GoGuardian Admin Product Manager

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