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GoGuardian Referral Program FAQs

Tommy Pesavento December 29, 2015

What is the GoGuardian Referral Program?

The GoGuardian Referral Program allows you to earn rewards for helping other schools keep their students safe and focused online. The Referrals Dashboard will let you monitor your progress as you tell your friends and colleagues about GoGuardian, and earn points to be used for rewards.


How do I access the GoGuardian Referral Program?

Once you're logged in to GoGuardian, you can either click this link, or visit and clicking on the "Referrals" tab.

How do I share GoGuardian with others?

Word of mouth is great, but by sharing your unique referral code, (see below) you can keep track of how many people used your link to sign up for GoGuardian, and earn points to use toward future benefits as well. Pretty cool!


How do I keep track of my activity?

Under Referral Activity, you can access a customized dashboard that shows who you have referred so far and how many licenses they have signed up for. The number of licenses your referral has influences the number of points you receive.

What can I see in the GoGuardian Referral Dashboard?

Your GoGuardian Referral Dashboard helps you keep track of total points earned, redeemed, and remaining as part of the Referral Program. Here, you can view a graph of your total referrals and view cumulative stats about your Referral, Redeeemed, and Remaining Points:

  • Referral points: This is the total number amount of points you have earned, based on the number of your referrals that have signed up for GoGuardian.
  • Redeemed points: Awesome! You’ve been using your points. This is how many points you have used to date.
  • Remaining points:  This is how many points you have remaining to use.


1 referred Chromebook = 1 Referral Point

Our referral program rewards you for encouraging others to sign up for GoGuardian. You can accrue and use points for a variety of purposes. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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Written by Tommy Pesavento

Brand Director at GoGuardian

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