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You asked for it, we built it:                                       More flexible, intuitive filtering

Cody Rice May 07, 2017

Last week we took a deep dive into Admin 2.0’s incredible new feature Smart Alerts, which harnesses the power of machine learning to better understand and monitor student behavior. This week we are introducing Policies: Admin 2.0’s new way to filter that gives you the power to personalize filtering based on your OUs', schools', and students’ specific needs.

Check out our video below, where we break down Policies: what it is, how it works, and what it means for you: 


Introducing Policies

With Admin 2.0, we completely redesigned the way GoGuardian’s filtering works. We realized that a single whitelist/blacklist doesn’t meet the needs of you and your students. So we upped the ante…

Filtering that Reflects Personalized Learning

We saw that the needs of students in the digital classroom (both on and off-campus) are just as variant and complex as the needs of students in the classroom. It’s not white and black, and it’s not whitelist/blacklist. So we created Policies to truly reflect and do justice to the differentiated and personalized learning environments you are creating in your schools.

A high-schooler needs different filtering than a middle-schooler. A middle-schooler needs different filtering when using the internet at home... than a middle-schooler using the internet at school. A student who is highly focused needs different filtering than a student managing problems with attention. You get my point.

Policies was designed with those very unique differences and nuances in mind.

With Policies, you as the administrator are put in the driver’s seat and get to choose the “who what, when, where, and how” of filtering, based upon the needs of the student and your own workload. We gave you granular and precise control over settings like time and location.

 Policies was informed by the needs and insights we heard directly from you: our 2500+ customers, 200+ alpha users, and 15 alpha organizations.

With Policies you can filter based on:

  1. Location: You can set Off-Campus versus On-Campus settings, In-School and Out-of-School, and more…

  2. Time: With Policies, you can set specific filtering for after-school hours that can be activated by schedule. For example, you could set that a student can view Youtube from Monday-Friday only after-school from 4pm to 8am the next morning...but no other time. This way you are not blocking access to information are empowering students to be digital citizens just with a few ground rules. And those ground rules can be determined by….

  3. Student Online Behavior: Policies offers the ability to adjust filtering in accordance with student online behaviors. You can set more open filtering for positive behaviors and strict settings for negative behaviors. If you have a student who repeatedly engages in inappropriate browsing activity, you can apply a standalone Penalty Box Policy for that particular student directly from the Admin 2.0 dashboard.
    There is no more need to go to Google Admin Console and create a new OU, manually move the student there, and then remember to take them out later. Policies is intuitive and easy.

Policies: A New Way to Think About Filtering

The big picture is that Policies gives you more voice and a choice on how you are administering the filtering and  blocking of certain sites. When it comes to your school, we are not the experts. You are.  In designing policies, we started with the idea: we are not in a position to define what filter settings are best for your students. We are just giving you the most powerful tool to decide what’s best for your school, your OU, and most importantly...your students.

Policies is part of the completely redesigned Admin 2.0 experience, “coming to a school near you” in June.  Stay tuned for our weekly updates on the new and improved features of Admin 2.0, with a deep dive into a different new feature leading up to our launch.

We are excited to share Admin 2.0 with current users...and can’t wait to make it public!

Topics: Products

Written by Cody Rice

GoGuardian Admin Product Manager

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