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How to Keep Students Engaged At the End of the Year

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 12, 2016


The year flew by, as it usually does. There are only a few weeks left of class, and you can tell your students are ready to jump out of their seats and run amok through the halls. They’re dreaming of summer vacation, beaches, family trips and memories to be made with friends, so, how can you keep them focused and engaged as the end of year approaches?

  1. First and foremost, take care of yourself! Teaching is taxing sometimes, and as the end of year gets closer, stress levels get higher. Education World shares some great tips on how to manage your stress levels while teaching.
  2. Remember that closure is very important in any relationship that is ending, especially with a bond as important as between a Teacher and Student. Help bring closure by having the students organize their desks, sort through their notes and purge anything they won’t be needing any longer.
  3. As important as bringing closure to the year is, so is honoring the memory of it! Create a memory board with your students to highlight some of the amazing times you spent together this year! It will also open the door for discussions on their favorite part of the year and what they have learned!
  4. Introduce some new and fun learning lessons, and, why not make it hands on? Have the students build their favorite monument with Lego, and teach the rest of the class about what they learned! Maybe make some really incredible black-out poetry! Keep the mind and the hands busy.
  5. Collaborative learning is an amazing tool to use, no matter the time of year, but encouraging your students to work together is a great way to keep them engaged and learning. Create groups and have them work together for the egg drop project or balsa wood bridge project!
  6. Use your in-class technology! Let them play fun learning games on sites like Arcademics and FunBrain.

Let us know other ways you are keeping your students engaged as the year winds down, so other teachers can try them in their classrooms, too!

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Written by Alex Wagner

Alex is the Social Media Manager at GoGuardian, mother of 2 and Texan with an unhealthy obsession with the New Orleans Saints.

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