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Beacon, A Year In The Making - A Letter From Our Chief Product Officer

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix February 25, 2019

Hello all:

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Scheduling: Automatically Start Your Classroom Sessions

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix April 25, 2016

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GoGuardian for Teachers Now Syncs With Google Classroom

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix February 22, 2016

Based on requests from hundreds of customers, teachers are now able to sync classes they have already created through Google Classroom with their GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard.

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Classroom Session Time & Day Restrictions in GoGuardian for Teachers

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix November 03, 2015

We recently added the ability to restrict classroom sessions in GoGuardian for Teachers by time and day.

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IT Administrators may now set which times and days of the week sessions are allowed, ensuring GoGuardian for Teachers is being used responsibly within their organization. This feature comes as part of our ongoing effort to increase transparency between educators and IT Administrators while also protecting students' privacy.

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Lock Screen Messages: Add a custom message to your students' lock screens

Tyler Shaddix Tyler Shaddix November 02, 2015

Last week we released a new lock screen design along with the Lock Screen Message feature on GoGuardian for Teachers. Lock Screen Messages allow teachers to enter a custom message on their students' screens when they are locked. This can be used to indicate what the student should (or shouldn't) be doing with messages like "Please don't play games in class" or "Please open your textbook and turn to page 914". This release is a direct result of feedback collected from our teacher community. 

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