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Nina W.

Nina W.
Nina is a writer and children's rights advocate with a passion for education and creative expression. She has worked in the education field (mostly in early childhood education) for over ten years and believe that respectful nurture of children/students as whole people from as early on as possible is the key to building healthy relationships with learning and fostering lifelong learners. When she's not trying to change the world, she enjoys spending time with her 4-year-old daughter, dancing, painting and cooking.

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How to Block Fortnite in Schools

Nina W. Nina W. February 15, 2019

How to Block Students from Playing Fortnite in School

In fifth grade, I used to creep to the basement after my parents were sleeping to play The Sims on our computer until well after midnight, often on school nights with no concern for having to be up early for school the next day. In high school, I would go to the library and sit at the computer farthest away from the library information desk, turning my screen so that no one could see me logging onto gaming sites during my “research” periods, or trying to use proxy servers to get onto MySpace and AIM. These are the experiences that sit fresh in my mind as I find myself in this ironic-but-necessary position on the other side of the digital battle against accessing restricted content at school.

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5 Reasons to Teach Digital Citizenship This School Year

Nina W. Nina W. January 28, 2019

It’s a whole new reality of learning for students, with so much of their communication and education now happening online. Our responsibility as educators now extends beyond the classroom to a world within keyboards and html codes, and teaching students to navigate these digital spaces responsibly is a major part of helping them develop a healthy relationship with the world around them. Integrating digital citizenship into your classrooms is a vital part of this process.

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3 Trends in Educational Technology to Watch in 2019

Nina W. Nina W. January 25, 2019


In educational technology, change is the only constant and 2019 brings with it several new, innovative ideas and changes surrounding how we approach edtech. From new classroom management solutions, to teaching trends, tech developments and more, we’re in for another exciting year of new information, resources and strategies to enhance the ways edtech is utilized in classrooms. Let’s explore 3 new and essential edtech trends to watch in 2019, that are certain to be educational staples for teachers.

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