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Nina W.

Nina W.
Nina is a writer and children's rights advocate with a passion for education and creative expression. She has worked in the education field (mostly in early childhood education) for over ten years and believe that respectful nurture of children/students as whole people from as early on as possible is the key to building healthy relationships with learning and fostering lifelong learners. When she's not trying to change the world, she enjoys spending time with her 4-year-old daughter, dancing, painting and cooking.

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7 Creative Ways to Use Google in Your Classroom

Nina W. Nina W. August 14, 2019

As teachers, we’re constantly looking for tools to enhance and extend learning and make our lives easier. Google provides a variety of unique resources that are perfect for exactly this. From scheduling, to sharing assignment information and updates with students and parents, to hosting guest lecturers, there are so many ways Google can help enhance your classroom and simplify your life as a teacher. Using Gmail for easy communication, Drive for information and document sharing, and Google Docs for easy creation of documents for classroom management are just a few of the creative ways that you can use Google in your classroom to improve structure and better support learning.

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Social Emotional Learning Through Classroom Technology

Nina W. Nina W. July 31, 2019

Social Emotional Learning Through Classroom Technology

From managing our schedules, to corresponding with parents and coworkers, to recognizing when we need to eat, our ability to complete the everyday functions of our lives relies on our own social emotional skills—such as communication, assessing our own needs, empathizing with others, problem-solving, and goal-setting. For students, these skills are gained and refined through social emotional learning, and technology can be useful in providing students and teachers with the tools and means to aid that learning.

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5 Strategies for Building Improved Student-Teacher Relationships

Nina W. Nina W. July 24, 2019

Improving teacher-student relationships

Building healthy relationships is an essential part of the learning process for both teachers and students. Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with coworkers, administration, and parents enables us to effectively partner to give our students the best educational experiences with the greatest outcomes. But equally important to this process is creating and sustaining healthy relationships with students that allow us to provide the supportive guidance necessary to ensure their academic and personal success. Below are a few strategies that can help each of us improve these relationships.

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How To Keep Students Engaged Using Technology

Nina W. Nina W. July 17, 2019

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How to Partner With Parents to Increase Parent Involvement

Nina W. Nina W. June 26, 2019

When I started going out to eat after having my daughter, I quickly learned the difference between child-friendly and child-accommodating restaurants. Child-friendly restaurants have food on their menus specifically catered toward what children like to eat, provide activities for children to enjoy while dining out, and usually have lots of booth seating for family dining. Child-accommodating restaurant will usually have less or none of these things. They’re basically saying, “You can bring your child.”

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