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Monica Boyer

Monica Boyer
Monica Boyer is entering her 8th year as a teacher in Marshall Public Schools in Marshall, MO, and her fifth year in the alternative education setting. Her background working in the mental health field has provided her with tools that enable her to teach valuable emotion regulation skills when working with students of all ages in the alternative setting. Students that have been unsuccessful in the traditional public school setting are able to find success using tools taught to them by teachers at the Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). Monica helped found TLC and has helped to train new staff entering the program. She began incorporating mindfulness into her classroom during the 2017-2018 school year based on the work of Dr. Bruce Perry and the Child Trauma Academy.

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Creating a Zen Classroom to Improve Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Monica Boyer Monica Boyer September 19, 2019

We all know that stress and trauma play a huge role in a student’s academic success. Kids that experience chronic stress and/or trauma often perform poorly. This poor performance impacts their academics, behavioral, and social/emotional skills. Even further, we know that past trauma severely impacts a child’s ability to grow and develop. This article from Edutopia is just one of many articles that identify how dangerous stress, especially chronic stress, is for a student. Within the same article, the growth mindset is mentioned as a tool to help alleviate those negative effects of stress. 

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