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Lydia Winn Samuels

Lydia Winn Samuels
Lydia Winn Samuels is the regional sales manager for California, Hawaii, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon and her home state, Washington. She nerds out about education in California now, with her husband Matthew.

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Learning Style Assessments: Are They Valuable?

Lydia Winn Samuels Lydia Winn Samuels March 05, 2019

(There's a pigeon-hole joke here somewhere...get it? Bueller? holes...heh-heh-heh)

What good are learning style assessments?

Google “learning style quiz” and you’ll find 165 million results. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, you may have taken a quiz at one point that determined if you were a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic type of learner. Or maybe you found out if you were an impulsive/reflective learner, or a holistic/analytical learner.

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