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How to GAC: Pin Apps and Extensions to the Chrome Launcher

Dan Russ December 08, 2016

 Hi admins! Today, we’re going to show you how to pin apps and extensions to the Chrome Launcher on student Chromebooks, making it super easy for students to access the tools that they use the most.

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How to GAC: Set a Unique Homepage for Each OU

Dan Russ December 01, 2016

Hi admins, and welcome back to How to GAC! Today, we’re going to show you how to set a default home page for each OU in your school.

By default, the Chromebook homepage is set to Google. While we think Google search is awesome, sometimes it’s not the first or even most common thing that students will need on their devices.

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How to GAC: Set a Custom Wallpaper for Each OU

Dan Russ November 17, 2016

Hi admins, and welcome back to How to GAC! Today, we’re going to show you how to use Google Admin console to set a custom wallpaper for each organizational unit (OU) at your school. Although there are a lot of great wallpapers that come built right into Chromebooks, they can’t really do much except look pretty. 
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How to GAC: Create a Spelling and Grammar Test OU by Disabling Spellcheck

Dan Russ November 10, 2016

Although Chromebooks are awesome for education, some of the things that they do to make our lives easier can make it a lot more difficult for teachers to handle assessments and tests. We’re currently working on putting together a guide to create a fully locked down test OU, today we want to show you a quick way to make assessing student spelling easier: by disabling spellcheck!

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Let’s Talk About How and Why We Teach STEM

Dan Russ November 08, 2016

Today is National STEM Day, and I wanted to take advantage of the occasion to talk about something that I think is important: how we approach teaching STEM at all grade levels, and why our approach matters.

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