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What Does EdTech Look Like for 2016?

Cammie Allen February 11, 2016

Technology trends in the classroom tend to take hold slightly behind consumer trends due to obstacles like budgets and purchasing schedules. Although most of us have been using smart phones, tablets, and laptops for years, reflecting upon the education technology industry during 2015, many experts are calling it “The Year of Mobility”. 1:1 technology and personal devices have reached an all-time high in the classroom, so we now ask, “How will teachers use this mobility?” As we look ahead, 2016 hopes to be “The Year of Collaboration”, using mobile access to create more engaged and successful students. We’ve gathered some other educational technology trends to watch, based on recent new product releases, CES announcements, and inside industry scoop.

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Challenges with Technology in the Classroom (and Solutions)

Cammie Allen December 09, 2015

Giving students access to technology empowers learning and expands knowledge, but also comes with potential risks of misuse—intentional or unintentional. So, to help you deal with fears about 1:1 technology in the classroom, we’ve listed some common scenarios you may face as an educator, and provided a few solutions for each.

As the first post in a two-part series, below are situations you may encounter mostly in the younger grade levels—K-6.

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Digital Etiquette for Being a Good Digital Citizen

Cammie Allen November 17, 2015

Being a good online citizen is more than being a safe Internet user—it’s about being responsible, smart, and having respect for yourself and others. As a user of the Web, various apps, social networking sites, and other online collaboration forums, you are a “citizen” of different communities. And just like real-life communities, there are rules to follow that will make sure you have the best possible experience.

See our lists below for digital do’s and don’ts.

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7 FAQs By Parents About Internet Safety

Cammie Allen November 03, 2015

As classrooms adjust to new technology, parents must, too—being involved with homework, projects, communicating with teachers, and checking grades and announcements online. However, you don’t have to be a computer expert to get involved and be in the know, and it can help to have a realistic sense of the risks children actually face online. Below are some frequently asked questions from parents regarding technology in education.  

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7 FAQs by IT Administrators

Cammie Allen October 05, 2015

“Times are changing.” This quote can be applied to so many different aspects of technology, as we hear about a new and exciting product, software, or app release that is all the rage. The general public is in a position to keep up with the trends to buy the latest gadgets. But how do our schools—with limited budgets and resources—make sure they are using the right technology in their classrooms in the appropriate ways to ensure student and teacher success? Below are some frequently asked questions by school administrators about incorporating technology in education to meet school and district goals.  

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