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Aza Steel

Aza Steel
Aza Steel is the co-founder of GoGuardian, an education software company that helps educators better connect with students through insights about the way students learn and use the Internet. GoGuardian was founded to help schools protect and manage their devices, and is now transforming the way schools use technology and personalize education to individual students.

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Welcome Advait Shinde as CEO of GoGuardian

Aza Steel Aza Steel August 17, 2017

Aza and Advait cutting the ribbon at GoGuardian's office move-in, July 2016.

As we enter the new school year, when GoGuardian will be serving more students and educators than ever before, I am excited to announce our decision to appoint Advait Shinde, GoGuardian’s co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer, my successor as CEO of GoGuardian. We share a powerful vision to help all children realize their potential by enabling educators to understand and engage students at the highest level. Advait’s proven ability to champion that vision will propel GoGuardian into its next chapter of growth and technological advancement.

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The GoGuardian YouTube Filter is Ready!

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 24, 2014

We've been working hard behind the scenes and our YouTube filtering tool is ready! We're seriously excited about this new tool, and really hope you are too! We want you to help us Beta test it (see bottom of page for sign up details)!

A while ago, we started to realize that there was a huge need for the control of content on YouTube. There are so many educational videos and learning tools that are hosted there, but there is also a lot of inappropriate material that the students are able to access. There was just not a good solution for this, besides blacklisting YouTube entirely, so we decided to build our own robust solution.

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Administrators, Teachers, and Read-Only Users in GoGuardian

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 10, 2014

Whether you’re using GoGuardian in one school or district wide, it’s likely you’ll want to add multiple administrators and teachers, to your GoGuardian account. GoGuardian let’s you add multiple administrators, teachers, or read-only users to your account and lets you add these users only to specific OU’s if you so wish.

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Using Apps & Extensions in GoGuardian

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 05, 2014

Apps and Extensions for the Chrome browser are a great way to expand the functionality of a Chromebook. Apps and Extensions range from the useful, such as GoGuardian or AdBlock, to the distracting, such as Angry Birds or eBay. GoGuardian allows you to see which Apps and Extensions are most installed within your organization, and see which Apps and Extensions an individual user has installed. This allows you to blacklist and uninstall any Apps and Extensions which you deem inappropriate.

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How To Stop Students from Translating Porn Websites

Aza Steel Aza Steel May 29, 2014

Students sometimes use Google Translate as a proxy to get around web filters. This is especially tricky to monitor, because you can't just blacklist

So, until we have time to integrate Google Translate into our dynamic blacklist, a quick and clever solution is to block the translate by URL feature. You can do this by harnessing the power of wildcards and adding this single line to your organization's custom blacklist.*&u=

Bam, the rest of Google Translate will work, except the translate by URL feature. Students will need to find another way to see what looks like in Croatian.

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