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21 Days of Socks: A New GoGuardian Holiday Tradition

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner November 29, 2018


The Holiday Season is quickly approaching, and we thought this would be a great time to both celebrate the traditions we all know and love, and start a new one!

We’ve given our most beloved swag item a winter-themed socklift, and are giving away 21 pairs from Dec 1st-Dec 21st. The more friends and peers you get to join the raffle, the better your chances!


Good luck, Happy Holidays, and have an amazing rest of your year. May it be surrounded by friends, family, food, love, laughter...and socks.


From all of us,


GoGuardian's 21 Days of Socks 

Written by Alex Wagner

Alex is the Social Media Manager at GoGuardian, mother of 2 and Texan with an unhealthy obsession with the New Orleans Saints.

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