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Using Apps & Extensions in GoGuardian

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 05, 2014

Apps and Extensions for the Chrome browser are a great way to expand the functionality of a Chromebook. Apps and Extensions range from the useful, such as GoGuardian or AdBlock, to the distracting, such as Angry Birds or eBay. GoGuardian allows you to see which Apps and Extensions are most installed within your organization, and see which Apps and Extensions an individual user has installed. This allows you to blacklist and uninstall any Apps and Extensions which you deem inappropriate.

Apps and Extensions in Your Entire Organization

To see which Apps and Extensions are installed in your organization simply click on the Google tab in the GoGuardian dashboard, as shown below.

GoGuardian Dashboard

Then click on the Apps & Extensions button (shown below). On the right you can see a list of the Apps and Extensions that you have already blacklisted. On the left you will see a list the list of all Apps and Extensions installed in your organization. Clicking the blacklist button next to an App or Extension will prevent any users from installing that App or Extension in the future, and uninstall it from all Chromebooks within your organization.

Dashboard apps and extensions

Just like GoGuardian’s URL blacklist, you can blacklist and uninstall Apps and Extensions only for specific OU’s. First select the desired OU at the top of the page, and then follow the same steps listed above to blacklist and uninstall that App or Extension only for that specific OU. Giving you an unprecedented level of control over the Chromebooks within your organization.

Apps and Extensions on a User Level

To see what Apps and Extensions a specific user has installed on their Chromebook go to the All Users tab.

Dashboard - All Users

Then click on a user from the list or search for a user using the search box, and click on the user you wish to see.

Search or click

Then click on Google and go to Apps & Extensions.

App sample user

You will now see a list of which Apps and Extensions that individual user has installed.

User apps

ProTip: Already have an idea of some Apps and Extensions you don’t want students to access? In the Google Apps Admin Console you can go to Device Management > User Settings > Apps and Extensions. Here you can block Apps and Extensions before they are ever installed on your organizations Chromebooks!

You can now monitor and filter the Apps and Extensions used within your organization with ease. Want to know more about GoGuardian's features? Give us a call at 515-999-5755, or use the chat box at the bottom of the GoGuardian homepage!

Topics: Technology

Written by Aza Steel

Aza Steel is the co-founder of GoGuardian, an education software company that helps educators better connect with students through insights about the way students learn and use the Internet. GoGuardian was founded to help schools protect and manage their devices, and is now transforming the way schools use technology and personalize education to individual students.

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