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How to Push A Chrome Extension To All Users: Google Admin Console Tutorial

Rebecca Sadwick Rebecca Sadwick June 24, 2016

The Google Admin Console makes it easy to push a Chrome extension out to all of your users, or all of your users in specific OUs (organizational units).

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Old School, New Tech: Yaak School Spotlight

Rob Lynn June 14, 2016

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How to Set Up Google Admin Console: Best Practices

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner June 08, 2016

We get a lot of support questions here at GoGuardian about what the optimal Google Apps Admin console settings. This guide answers those questions, along with one of the most frequently asked questions: Why am I not seeing any data?

I'll start by showing what settings need to be enabled in your Google Apps Admin console for GoGuardian to work properly, but if you’re just here because you can’t see any data, feel free to skip down to the bottom.

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How to Setup Your OU Structure

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 23, 2016

One of the first steps you will when getting started with Google Apps for Education is to design your Organizational Unit (OU) structure. This is an extremely important step, and influences all of your management techniques and updates. It is extremely important to careful design a structure that works for your District or School, and is able to be scaled easily.

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How to Force Install Apps and Extensions: Part II

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 20, 2016

Force-installing apps and extensions to Users within your Organization is important for a few reasons, the largest one being that students will not be able to remove these Apps & Extensions from their device. There are two different ways to Force-Install your apps, please click here for the first part.

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