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More Than a New Paint Job: Building a Better Engine for GoGuardian Teacher

Dan Russ April 19, 2017

At GoGuardian, we’ve been hard at work trying to make the Internet a safer place for students, and give teachers the tools that they need to make learning better. Between the launch of Scenes and Chat in GoGuardian Teacher, more students, teachers, and admins are using GoGuardian than ever before.

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How to GAC: Set Webpages to Automatically Open for Each Student

Dan Russ November 03, 2016

Google Admin console has a lot of great features, but many of them are hidden and easy to miss. In our new blog series, we’ll be exploring some of our favorite GAC features and options, and show you how you can make use of them in your school and your classroom. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to learn how to do something new in GAC every week!

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Upgrade Google Docs with Four Great Add-ons

Dan Russ October 24, 2016

Research papers, lab reports, and the infamous five paragraph essay can all be pretty challenging content for students. And they should be, because it’s a great way to learn document formats that will be useful in a big variety of professional and academic settings.

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How to Make Mass-Enrolling Chromebooks Easier

Dan Russ October 06, 2016

Enrolling Chromebooks can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for school IT admins, but there are a few things that you can do to make the process faster and work more smoothly. Although we couldn’t find any tools that can actually unbox Chromeboooks automatically, we did find a few that can automate the enrolling process and make your lives a little bit easier.

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What's an IP Address?

Dan Russ August 24, 2016

An IP address is a method of identifying devices, like laptops or Chromebooks, and distinguishing them from one another. Like the street address of a business or a house, an IP address lets websites and servers know where to send information so that your laptop or Chromebook can display it.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and each IP address is a series of four sets of numbers that are separated by periods. IP addresses usually look something like this:

Or like this:

The Difference Between Internal and External IP Addresses

Although there are several different types of IP address, the most important thing to understand is that there are internal (also called private) and external (also called public) IP addresses.

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