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Pokémon Go Safety Tips: Catch a Digital Citizenship Learning Opportunity

Elena Ontiveros Elena Ontiveros July 21, 2016

When you’re away from your students, do you wonder how they spend their free time? This summer, chances are Pokémon Go fever has caught them all.

An augmented reality game that blends a digital world with the real world, Pokémon Go has players track and capture virtual creatures at various locations. While it’s a great way for kids to get out and see more of their community, the game can also be used to reinforce basic digital citizenship practices.

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Help Students Be Good Digital Citizens This Summer

Elena Ontiveros Elena Ontiveros July 08, 2016

Just because the school is out doesn't mean your lessons have to stop. Students will be messaging, sharing, and posting all summer long, so now is a good time to put the digital citizenship skills you’ve been teaching into perspective.

Using Common Sense Education’s eight areas of digital citizenship, following are ways you can correlate each to what students will be doing during break:

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5 Questions to Get Students Thinking Critically About Spam

Elena Ontiveros Elena Ontiveros May 31, 2016

spam_email_image.jpgSpam can be hard to navigate at any age, but especially so for digital natives who tend to be more trusting of their online interactions. While email and messaging providers try to filter junk mail, scammers are getting more clever and their tricks more subtle. Just because a message reaches your inbox doesn’t mean it’s safe.

It’s especially important to teach kids how to identify potentially dangerous emails. In the “Share Spam With Students” lesson plan on her blog Teacher Talk, Alice Keeler asks students to look at everything from spelling to URLs to help identify whether a message is legitimate. To try this digital citizenship activity in your classroom, use Keeler’s checklist of clues and these five questions to get your students thinking more critically:

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9 Tips to Safely Get the Most from Google Apps for Education

Rob Yoegel Rob Yoegel May 26, 2016

If your school has made the switch to Google Apps for Education or Google Classroom, it’s important to promote the value they will bring to teachers, parents, and students.

Mastering the basics is a great start, but be sure to focus on other areas, including new ways to enhance curriculum and engage students. Though most important, creating a safe online learning environment can be overlooked when implementing Google Apps for Education or Google Classroom.

Below are nine ways to help safely adopt Google Apps into your school.

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How Parents Can Keep Kids Safe Online

Hilary Smith April 12, 2016

When we became parents, we understood that we would need to protect our children. We read books on parenting, baby proofed the house, purchased bike helmets, and taught our children about stranger danger. These methods worked for our parents, so for a few years they gave us peace of mind.

Unfortunately, our parents didn’t have to prepare their children for the digital world of social media and Smartphones. As our children become digital citizens, keeping them safe becomes increasingly complicated. One area of concern for many parents in this day and age is online predators who are scouring the Internet and social media looking for their next victim.

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