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How to GAC: Pin Apps and Extensions to the Chrome Launcher

Dan Russ December 08, 2016



Hi admins! Today, we’re going to show you how to pin apps and extensions to the Chrome Launcher on student Chromebooks, making it super easy for students to access the tools that they use the most.

Similar to adding an application to the Windows Start Menu or the Dock in OS X, students and users alike can both add extensions and Chrome apps to the Chrome Launcher. But to make things easier, we can use a somewhat hidden option in G Suite for Education to add apps and extensions to student Chrome Launchers for them.

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The Balance Between Innovating and Stabilizing

Cody Rice November 10, 2016

At GoGuardian, we’ve been hard at work delivering the best experience we can for the schools that rely on us to keep their students safe, focused, and engaged. Some educators have asked why they haven’t seen many new features in our Admin product, while, at the same time, we’ve been releasing updates and new features in several of our other products. We realized that we haven’t adequately communicated the work and changes that have been going in to the Admin product, because they’ve mostly been on the backend — focusing on scalability and stability — and are not always visible to users. This blog post is going to do two things: explain what we’ve been doing over the past year for our Admin product, and what you can expect in the near future.

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Announcement Mode in GoGuardian Teacher Chat!

Dan Russ August 30, 2016

Earlier this summer, we released Chat in GoGuardian Teacher, and have heard awesome things about it from our teacher community. Chat allows teachers to chat directly with students without needing to use email or interrupting the class, quietly send students help, encouragement, or resources, and keep distracted pupils on task -- without interrupting your class or drawing the unwanted attention of peers.

Do you know what would make Chat even more helpful to teachers? Announcement Mode would, that’s what!

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GoGuardian's Back2School Supplies Giveaway!

Dan Russ August 18, 2016

At GoGuardian, there are few professions that we think are as important as teaching. While astronauts might be awesome and jet pilots get to travel far really fast, they don’t have nearly as much influence as educators do on the next generation.

Without teachers dedicated to teaching, none of us would be where we are now — and we appreciate what you do tremendously.

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Win an Oculus Rift, Chromebook, or up to $20,000 of other prizes

Dan Russ August 08, 2016

Want to win an Oculus Rift, or up to $20,000 worth of other cool prizes? Show us how fast you can fly with Fleet!

Here at GoGuardian, we know that one of the most tedious and frustrating tasks for school admins can be assigning and managing Chromebooks — which is why we built Fleet.

We’ve heard great feedback about the impact GoGuardian Fleet is having in the schools using it to assign, maintain, and deploy devices, but we never stop improving on our products. That’s why we made the fastest Chromebook management system even faster with a new feature called Quick Assign. Want to see just how fast Chromebook management can be? You can now try Fleet for free!

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