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Admin 2.0's Redesigned UI: Your New Mission Control

Cody Rice May 22, 2017

Over the past three weeks, we have explored Smart Alerts , Policies, and Theft Recovery: just a few of the greatest features and changes you will be seeing in Admin 2.0 this June. These features were informed by the feedback and insights you shared with us about “Admin 1.0”. What worked for you, what didn’t work for you...we gathered all of that information and used it as the very foundation of the new Admin 2.0 experience.

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Introducing Theft Recovery: The Next Generation

Cody Rice May 12, 2017

Previously, we have explored Smart Alerts and Policies, which show the awesome power that Admin 2.0 provides to help meet your schools' needs. This week we are introducing Theft Recovery, which significantly reduces your workload by effectively putting all the information you need for lost and stolen Chromebooks in one place.

Check out our video introduction to Theft Recovery below: what it is, how it works, and why it moves the needle:

Bringing You the Latest Developments From Google
Over the last few years, Google has made significant improvements to their API. With Admin 2.0, we rebuilt Theft Recovery to bring those improvements to you. So how do those developments and improvements translate to your workload?

Four words….

No More Detective Work
Gone are the days of needing to go to the Google Admin Console and take 7 different steps in order to track down a lost or stolen device. Now it is as simple as marking a device as lost, and then Admin 2.0 gives you all the data you need to recover the device.

With Admin 2.0, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes anymore because: there is no mystery to solve. Theft Recovery provides you with all the answers and data. Within the Theft Recovery dashboard, you can see the status of all your missing devices at a glance, including data such as:

  • Serial Numbers
  • Last user to log into the device
  • Assigned OU
  • Asset ID
  • Current and past locations
  • Usage history

These specific data points were determined by your feedback and insights about what would bring the most value to your schools. The Theft Recovery dashboard is also color-coded to let you know which devices have come online and have tracking information. You also can generate missing device reports with links for quick access to additional information.

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You asked for it, we built it:                                       More flexible, intuitive filtering

Cody Rice May 07, 2017

Last week we took a deep dive into Admin 2.0’s incredible new feature Smart Alerts, which harnesses the power of machine learning to better understand and monitor student behavior. This week we are introducing Policies: Admin 2.0’s new way to filter that gives you the power to personalize filtering based on your OUs', schools', and students’ specific needs.

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Goodbye Flagged Activity. Hello Smart Alerts.

Cody Rice April 30, 2017

Smart Alerts virtually eliminates false positives with intelligent, AI-based monitoring. 

Last week we introduced you to GoGuardian Admin 2.0, launching this June. With Admin 2.0, we took our first iteration of the Admin product and improved every feature to offer a better understanding of student online behavior and make students safer. The final product is a direct reflection of the insights and feedback given to us by you, our 2500+ customers, our 200+ alpha users, and 15 alpha organizations.

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Announcing the All New Admin 2.0

Cody Rice April 23, 2017

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