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Teachers rock! Thank you for all you do.

Tommy Pesavento May 08, 2017


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Seriously, teachers are awesome. From teaching us reading, 'riting, and 'rithmatic (the three "R"s, hehe), to helping us figure out what to do with our lives (speaking from experience here), there's hardly anyone who hasn't been positively impa

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5 Ways to Teach Conflict Resolution in Your Classroom

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons May 04, 2017

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Poetry and the Creative Mind Day has Arrived!

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons April 19, 2017

April is National Poetry Month, and there are few things in life as impactful as written and spoken word. It is important to encourage the arts in school because this is the location that many students find their passions. You never know if you have a future Poet Laureate in your classroom, and you can ensure their growth by sharing your favorite poets and works. Today is the day to honor those creative minds that have brought so much beauty into our world.

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Great news: GoGuardian Now Offers Product Training for GoGuardian Admin!

Dan Russ April 10, 2017

Earlier this week, we launched a brand new course: FREE GoGuardian Admin Training! Following in the footsteps of Teacher Training, Admin Training was designed, built, and directed to give admins everything they need to be successful with GoGuardian. With quizzes and lessons written by GoGuardian product experts, we’re confident that Admin Training has all of the tools you need to maximize the impact of your digital learning program.

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5 Ways To Spot Fake News Like a Pro

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons April 10, 2017

Part of being a good digital citizen is avoiding propagating false news stories through your social media feeds by sharing everything you click across. We are all guilty of reading the title of a news story and accepting the content as accurate without checking sources.

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