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The GoGuardian YouTube Filter is Ready!

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 24, 2014

We've been working hard behind the scenes and our YouTube filtering tool is ready! We're seriously excited about this new tool, and really hope you are too! We want you to help us Beta test it (see bottom of page for sign up details)!

A while ago, we started to realize that there was a huge need for the control of content on YouTube. There are so many educational videos and learning tools that are hosted there, but there is also a lot of inappropriate material that the students are able to access. There was just not a good solution for this, besides blacklisting YouTube entirely, so we decided to build our own robust solution.

The lock on the bottom right, and the blurred video, lets you know our filter is
functioning properly!


There are some really awesome features implemented already, and you can currently blacklist or whitelist by category, channel, keyword and by singular video. Plus, we have some incredible features to come! One of our favorites that is on the way, is giving the teachers the ability to blacklist or whitelist a video while on the video itself. (See below). It’s essentially crowd-sourcing YouTube content control!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Written by Aza Steel

Aza Steel is the co-founder of GoGuardian, an education software company that helps educators better connect with students through insights about the way students learn and use the Internet. GoGuardian was founded to help schools protect and manage their devices, and is now transforming the way schools use technology and personalize education to individual students.

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