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5 Ways To Spot Fake News Like a Pro

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons April 10, 2017

Part of being a good digital citizen is avoiding propagating false news stories through your social media feeds by sharing everything you click across. We are all guilty of reading the title of a news story and accepting the content as accurate without checking sources.

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Your Classroom and Collaborative Learning

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons March 30, 2017

Our next stop on our trip through learning methods is the topic of collaborative learning, and how it can positively affect your classroom. There is a theme forming in current education trends where teachers are accepting new roles with their students. It isn’t that the role of a traditional teacher is obsolete, but instead it is becoming more differentiated. With the incorporation of collaborative learning, students learn to work together to explore projects and topics while in your class.

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Student-Centered Learning: How to Apply It

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons March 29, 2017

Cruising right past Inquiry-Based Learning, we’re moving onto the next trend in our week of learning methods. As a teacher, it is hard enough to keep up with grading papers, let alone researching trends for instruction. It can be a struggle for any professional to stay current in their field, but through student-centered learning techniques you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Inquiry-Based Learning

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons March 27, 2017

We’ve all been there, where we’re looking for ways to spice up our lesson plans and improve our student participation in class. This week we will take a look at different learning methods that are sure to get you out of your funk in the classroom, and these strategies encourage innovative learning and increased classroom involvement. The first item on our learning list is Inquiry-Based Learning, and this trend has been around for over half a century.

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Make a Scene with Scenes!

Dan Russ March 23, 2017

Teachers have been asking us for even greater control and insight in their classrooms. Whether students are using their Chromebooks during a test, working on a specific lesson, or completing daily assignments, teachers have told us that they need an even greater ability to guide content and sharpen focus for their students. We used this feedback to develop Scenes in GoGuardian Teacher, allowing teachers to create a test-like focus environment by allowing students to access only the content they’ve chosen, or a lesson plan that allows free browsing across a narrow list of teacher-approved websites. Whether it’s exam time or a lesson plan with set content, Scenes give teachers the tools they need to provide daily ground rules for how students use the Internet to learn.

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