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Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017!

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons January 16, 2017

Today, we take time to honor the memory of one of the most respected civil rights activists of all time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s hard to think about the civil rights movement and not bring up Martin Luther King Jr. in the topic of discussion because he was a major influence and healer to our nation. We want to review the history of this great man, so that we can see how far we have come and just how much further we must travel.

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Improve Classroom Focus After the Holiday Break

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons January 13, 2017

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Use Your Powers for Good

Katie Hutchinson Katie Hutchinson January 11, 2017

This is the theme of our school’s tech club.  As students learn about and get more access to technology, the internet and all of the wonderful things it can do, I caution them: use your powers for good.

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Flipped Classroom Strategies for Success

Kayla Hammons Kayla Hammons January 11, 2017

Many teachers are rallying behind flipped classroom strategies like this is the most exciting method of the century, but how do we implement these changes successfully? We all want what is best for our students, and most teachers are willing to try anything to increase participation and retention. Through research, over various education levels, it has been found that there must be a mass overhaul of the way that we teach our classes. We have been struggling to introduce a new approach effectively, and flipped classroom strategies are a way to pull your classroom out of the dark ages and step into the light. Did you know that your students struggle to pay attention after the first 10 minutes of your lesson? Now, that we know these minds are having trouble concentrating, it’s up to us to implement a solution to this problem.

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Flexible Seating Benefits for Your Classroom

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner December 21, 2016

Teachers spend much of their time focused on engaging students in lessons, and through flexible seating successfully make students more comfortable in the classroom. There is new information to support children’s physical movement around the classroom, as this encourages blood flow and in turn keeps them focused and motivated. Long gone are the days when pupils are solely required to sit in assigned seating because it has been found that safe space seating is just as effective. Many educators support flexible seating for classrooms as long as students are sitting in an environment where they can feel comfortable and are not causing issues with students surrounding them.

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