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How to Force Install Apps and Extensions: Part II

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 20, 2016

Force-installing apps and extensions to Users within your Organization is important for a few reasons, the largest one being that students will not be able to remove these Apps & Extensions from their device. There are two different ways to Force-Install your apps, please click here for the first part.

  1. Login to your Admin console at
  2. Within the Admin console, click on “Device management”2-2.png
  3. Within Device management, click the “Chrome management” link2-3.png
  4. Scroll down and click on “App Management”2-4.png
  5. Pick the app or extension you’d like to Force-install by managing the filters on the left-hand side, or, searching for a specific app or extension. 2-5.png
  6. Click directly on the name of the App or Extension you’d like to Force-install, or hover over the icon to select multiple Apps and Extensions. 2-6.png
  7. Select which kind of settings you’d like to configure. Please note, User Settings relates to users who sign into your domain, public session relates to users who sign into a public session on your device and kiosk settings (only available when the app is kiosk-enabled) will force-install as a kiosk app. 2-7.png
  8. After selecting your settings (this example shows User settings) select the organization, or sub organizational unit you’d like to force-install the app or extension for. 2-8.png
  9. Click on the Force installation button to slide it from off position to on position, and press save. Please note that the “Override” link refers to if you’ve selected a sub organization in which the parent organization did not have the same settings. Pressing this while over ride the parent settings for only that sub organization. 2-9a.png2-9b.png

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Written by Alex Wagner

Alex is the Social Media Manager at GoGuardian, mother of 2 and Texan with an unhealthy obsession with the New Orleans Saints.

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