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Melinda Bernardo

Melinda Bernardo
Melinda is a software engineer at GoGuardian, working to connect students and teachers on the GoGuardian Teacher team. She enjoys working on the real-time infrastructure for GoGuardian Teacher and architecting new systems. As a former educator, she’s passionate about building technology that supports the amazing work that teachers do every day. The best part of her job is seeing how changes to the product positively impact the user experience.

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International Women's Day

Melinda Bernardo Melinda Bernardo March 08, 2017

It's International Women's Day on March 8th. As a software engineer at GoGuardian, I’ll give a glimpse into the challenging (and fun!) work that goes into building and maintaining the GoGuardian software and highlight reasons why it’s important to introduce females to engineering. Finally, I’ll suggest ways educators can promote STEM fields in the classroom.

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