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Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson
Brett is a husband, father and lifelong learner with an interest in Technology. He has moved over 20 times and currently resides in Southern California.

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Safer Internet Day: Be the Change

Brett Wilson Brett Wilson February 09, 2017

Being a technology company with a focus on education is a difficult place to be in. With the proliferation of new tools online, information coming faster than ever through social media, and children growing up in a digital society, it’s a wonder our heads stay attached. Still, we are just over 20 years into the popularization of the Internet as we know it today. Information, entertainment, and an endless supply of connections are available at the click of a button -- or now a casual comment to Siri or Alexa. Amongst a month dominated by a multitude of important events is Safer Internet Day with a theme of, “Be the Change: Unite for a better Internet.” And what a time for that!

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