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Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner
Alex is the Social Media Manager at GoGuardian, mother of 2 and Texan with an unhealthy obsession with the New Orleans Saints.

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GoGuardian has been nominated for a BAMMIE!

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner November 17, 2017

We're so excited!

MVP Club is now nominated for an award from the company the platform is built on. We are up for Advocate Marketing Program of the Year. That's HUGE! It's such an amazing opportunity for us. Speaking of is our competition: Staples, Docusign, Pearson, and others. We're going up against some giants and we're going to need your help to win! 

I know you're now asking, "Wow! Amazing! How can I help!?" I'm so glad you asked! You can vote daily, using the specific links below for each day. Please, don't forget to come back each day and vote! 

Friday 11/17:

Saturday 11/18:

Sunday 11/19:

Monday 11/20:

Tuesday 11/21:
Wednesday 11/22:
Turkey Day 11/23:

Friday 11/24:

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What "13 Reasons Why" Means for America’s Classrooms

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner June 19, 2017


If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, available 24/7, at 1-800-273-8255. Your call is confidential and free. 

In the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, a troubled 17-year-old commits suicide and leaves behind 13 audio tapes calling out the people and incidents she deems responsible. The Selena Gomez- produced series, based on the popular Jay Asher novel, has garnered a mixed response. While some applaud the show for tackling the issue of teen suicide, it’s also attracted criticism for glamorizing self-harm, and presenting suicide as a kind of revenge-fantasy solution to bullying and depression.  Many experts say that the show’s portrayal of suicide is flawed, and could influence vulnerable teens “with any degree of suicidal ideation” to commit acts of self-harm.

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Flexible Seating Benefits for Your Classroom

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner December 21, 2016

Teachers spend much of their time focused on engaging students in lessons, and through flexible seating successfully make students more comfortable in the classroom. There is new information to support children’s physical movement around the classroom, as this encourages blood flow and in turn keeps them focused and motivated. Long gone are the days when pupils are solely required to sit in assigned seating because it has been found that safe space seating is just as effective. Many educators support flexible seating for classrooms as long as students are sitting in an environment where they can feel comfortable and are not causing issues with students surrounding them.

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How to Set Up Google Admin Console: Best Practices

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner June 08, 2016

We get a lot of support questions here at GoGuardian about what the optimal Google Apps Admin console settings. This guide answers those questions, along with one of the most frequently asked questions: Why am I not seeing any data?

I'll start by showing what settings need to be enabled in your Google Apps Admin console for GoGuardian to work properly, but if you’re just here because you can’t see any data, feel free to skip down to the bottom.

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How to Setup Your OU Structure

Alex Wagner Alex Wagner May 23, 2016

One of the first steps you will when getting started with Google Apps for Education is to design your Organizational Unit (OU) structure. This is an extremely important step, and influences all of your management techniques and updates. It is extremely important to careful design a structure that works for your District or School, and is able to be scaled easily.

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