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Administrators, Teachers, and Read-Only Users in GoGuardian

Aza Steel Aza Steel September 10, 2014

Whether you’re using GoGuardian in one school or district wide, it’s likely you’ll want to add multiple administrators and teachers, to your GoGuardian account. GoGuardian let’s you add multiple administrators, teachers, or read-only users to your account and lets you add these users only to specific OU’s if you so wish.

To use plain English this means that a district using GoGuardian at three different schools, could assign an administrator for the entire district, as well as an administrator for each school (or multiple administrators if they so wished). That district could then give teachers limited access to GoGuardian, so that they can see what’s going in their class, without giving them access to GoGuardian’s settings. This allows schools and school districts to use GoGuardian’s powerful analytics to their fullest.

What’s the difference between an administrator, teacher, and read-only user in GoGuardian?

  • Administrators have access to all the features of GoGuardian. Only administrators can add other administrators, teachers, or read-only users.
  • Teachers in GoGuardian have access to all the features of GoGuardian, except they will not have access to the GoGuardian Getting Started or Account Settings tab. However, all other GoGuardian features including adding sites to your custom blacklist, and adding flagged terms are available to teachers.
  • Read-only users can only view information in GoGuardian. This includes ScreenSharing, seeing Flagged Activity, etc. However, a read-only user cannot add new information to GoGuardian, so they won’t be able add sites to the blacklist, add flagged terms, etc.

To add administrators, teachers, or read-only users to GoGuardian, change what access a pre-existing administrator, teacher or read-only user has, or to add a user to an OU, go to the Account Settings tab, and click on Administrators. Follow the link to the new and improved way to manage your account and this will bring you to

At the top of the page you’ll see the fields to add a new administrator, teacher, or read-only user. It’s as simple entering the persons name, email address, and the level of access you want to give them.

Admin OU

Once you’ve added an administrator, teacher, or read-only user, you can give that user access to all users, or only to specific OU’s. Simply select the OU’s you wish to give a user access to under Sub-OU Access (You can give users access to multiple OU’s).

Voila, you can now add new administrators, teachers, or read-only users to your GoGuardian account, and add those users to the OU’s you want.

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Written by Aza Steel

Aza Steel is the co-founder of GoGuardian, an education software company that helps educators better connect with students through insights about the way students learn and use the Internet. GoGuardian was founded to help schools protect and manage their devices, and is now transforming the way schools use technology and personalize education to individual students.

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